A morbid fascination

When my sister lived in Spean Bridge I walked, with her dog Grumble, from Loch Treig to Fort William along the Puggy Line. At the time most of the bridges still had track in situ, making it possible to cross them in relative safety, instead of having to negotiate the bare steel girders or clamber down steep hillsides and jump across streams to get around them.

puggy 27

I have an interest in dead (disused but not fully dismantled) railways because the civil engineering appeals to me as much as do the trains.


I’m not (tempting though it is) going to model Cotehangah Bridge in a disused state, just doing the messy bits of the scenic work before I set the live track in place, but the photo opportunity arose to put a short length of rusty track on the bridge girders and temporarily recreate a little bit of history.


It just needs a scruffy oik with a dog stood in the middle of it while he rolls a ciggie* and admires the view.

stop board* Though I am now a born again non-smoker I didn’t quit until I was in my mid thirties.

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