Puggy bridge

The 3ft gauge railway between Loch Treig and Fort William was known locally as the Puggy Line. Originally the contractor’s railway during building of a tunnel from the loch to a hydro-electric plant at the British Aluminium Company’s factory, the railway was retained until the 1970s to facilitate access to the tunnel intakes and the temporary wooden trestles were gradually replaced with steel structures, most of which are still in situ where the abandoned track-bed crosses several mountain streams along its route.

puggy bridge

I walked the length of the line in the mid 1980s before these bridges were fenced off as “dangerous”, memories of that walk are what has inspired this diorama. Construction started by cutting plastic coat hangers to make the girders as a demonstration of modelling on the cheap for a Facebook group.


Of course, once I had a handful of girders the temptation was there to make something out of them.

Coathanger Bridge 1

The easy option would have been to use them as wagon loads on the FCPyF, but I don’t do easy.

Coathanger Bridge 3

The diorama will be inside a plastic bottle similar to the one used for Farrall Sidings, again modelling on the cheap, but the scenery will be open moorland instead of a woodland clearing.

stop board


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