Credo quia absurdum – iterum

100_jeep1 1717

There are some weird things on narrow gauge railways.

100_jeep2 1713

None more so than the home made locomotives often found on small industrial lines. This one appears to be a conglomeration of American army Jeep, scrap wood, corrugated iron sheets and a railway wagon chassis.

100_jeep3 1715

It’s no less ugly from the rear!

Slightly more conventional, but equally weird looking, is another new diesel under construction for my On18 layouts.

100_brookville 1718

I haven’t decided how to model the rear of the cab yet, and the loco may be too big for the tunnel on Allt-Na-Ballt, but it will be used for pulling passenger trains on Muston Sands and the combination of a Kato mechanism with plenty of added weight makes it an excellent slow runner for shunting on Farrall Sidings.

stop board


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