Going south

FCPyF autoferro #27, with a van of supplies for the journey, was seen awaiting passengers at Rio Paleta before breakfast time this morning.


But Sunday services on the FCPyF don’t usually start until after lunch, so why was the railcar out so early?

100_pp1 1678

It was out early because it had a long journey ahead of it, a very long journey.

100_pp2 1679

All the way to Isla Blanca, OK, all the way to Chesham, where Giles Barnabe’s layout was appearing at the local model railway club’s exhibition.

100_pp3 1681

It was good to meet Giles after corresponding on the internet and exchanging bits and pieces of models by post over a number of years.


We often see close ups of Puerto Paseo on the Model Trains International forum but stepping back to take in the whole scene at once shows the layout off to good advantage.


It took a while* for #27 to regain home rails on the FCPyF but the trip made for a most enjoyable day out. I have followed Puerto Paseo’s development on the MTI forum but seeing the layout for myself was the icing on the cake.


Talking of which, the host club’s refreshment sales staff were offering some excellent lemon drizzle cake, almost worth travelling for in itself.

100_pp1 1673

If you get a chance to meet Giles with Puerto Paseo at a show yourself don’t pass it up.

stop board

* Euston to Crewe, 158 miles, 1 hour 34 minutes (a stunning performance by Virgin West Coast).
Crewe station to home, 4.5 miles, 1 hour 40 minutes (walking, no buses after teatime on Sunday).


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