Train station?

A horrible Americanism, it’s RAILWAY station!

But that’s not the point of this blog entry. I’ve been playing TrainStation on Facebook a lot recently, mainly because it’s too cold in the garage so I’m not working on the models much.

I run frequent short-haul freights, hauled by SD7 locos with five wagon trains (equal to a seven wagon steam train) and I tend to just use passenger coaches to make up the length on mail trains. I’m perfectly able to move the mails with diesel or steam haulage and ignore the waiting passenger numbers unless there’s a shortfall in “gold” when I want to buy some more rolling stock, then I’ll send out a couple of five car diesel hauled (or eight car steam hauled) passenger-only trains on two hour runs until the required amount is in the coffers.

“Electric engines are a little tricky with their bonuses. The +100% higher profit applies to passenger, mail and special wagons only. In passenger destinations the train yields +100% more profit and XP from passenger mail and special wagons but no specific bonus from cargo wagons. In fact, they behave exactly the same as steam locomotives (no bonus) while hauling cargo wagons.”

I have a question for anyone out there who also plays the game. How, if at all, can electrification be a worthwhile investment for a mainly freight operation? As I see it the only advantage is the 100% bonus on mail (and passenger) trains but this is off-set by a total lack of enhanced freight rates as opposed to the 40% bonus attracted by diesel haulage.

In the meantime, my present objectives are a diner for the Hammerhead Express and more storage for locos, coaches and wagons when not in use.

stop board


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