Half and half

While waiting for glue to dry on Lescanby Moor I have turned my attention to adding numbers to the wagon fleet that will be used on the layout.


As to be expected with a mineral railway most of the stock is designed to carry stone from the quarry to the mill but there are a couple of small gondola wagons for general goods and/or maintenance work. The wagons are numbered in three series. 1X are the gondolas, 2X for the steel-bodied hoppers and 3X being the wooden hoppers.

50 50

Half the fleet (37, 28, 23 and 15) appear in the upper photo with the rest (36, 20,27 and 18) in the lower. I won’t be using eight wagons though, it’s a common modelling trick to just have half the fleet actually needed and number them differently on each side.

Of course the wagons cannot move themselves, so some motive power is required.

LM locosNumbers 2 and 4 are obviously Bachmann gas-mech conversions but number 6’s origins may be a bit harder to recognise. It is actually another Bachmann, “Salty” from the Thomas range, with a garden shed type home made body as often seen on industrial narrow gauge railways.

Completing the stock list is a single passenger coach.

Gn15 coach

This does not usually run as far as the quarry but the little old ladies probably just asked to see the waterfall while it was in spate after the recent rains, it’s what passes for entertainment around these parts.


Finally, for today, this is the area that the glue was drying in. The greenery is a mixture of grass mat and “Pot Topper” with a few bits of green capillary mat.

stop board


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