2016 NGRM/ExpoNG Dave Brewer Challenge (8)

ngrm 2016 brewer plan

Experimenting with ground cover.


I bought some bird sand yesterday, it keeps the staff at H J Lea’s guessing what pets I have but also works as fine gravel for covering the tracks to hide the (under scale) sleepers. At 40p a kilo it’s a mere fraction of the price charged for “proper” scenic materials from modelling shops!

compo 1

The embankment in the foreground is made from the kind of green mat often seen in fishmongers’ shop window displays. Slight variations in colour have been added with acrylic paint. The sand/ballast has now dried sufficiently to ensure that the point blades are still free to move, so the layout will now be left undisturbed for a couple of days while everything sets solid.


stop board


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