2016 NGRM/ExpoNG Dave Brewer Challenge (5)

ngrm 2016 brewer plan

The mine building has been beefed up by laminating it with thick card but still needs its roof adding before it can be clad in corrugated paper.


At the far end the bridge is taking shape, it too has been laminated with card to give the parapets a reasonable thickness and I am now working on the masonry. The embossed styrene sheet has too regular a pattern so it is being applied in pieces and the gaps will be completed with carved filler.


The cliff has been firmly bedded down using more filler with a noticeable gap about half way along where I’m hoping to create a waterfall. Just a small stream trickling over moss-grown rocks before continuing to the front of the baseboard via a culvert beneath the track, nothing spectacular, but it will provide some added visual interest to the scenery.

That was this morning, since then the roof has been fitted but I haven’t got enough corrugated paper to cover the mine building completely.


It’s a pretty safe bet that a new supply won’t match so I’ve just attached the sheets with drawing pins for now. The latest coat of filler on the bridge is still drying which means there’s not much I can do on the layout for now, so I’ll take the dog out for walk as soon as “I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue” finishes.


stop board


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