2016 NGRM/ExpoNG Dave Brewer Challenge (4)

ngrm 2016 brewer plan

Some more progress today. Another fruit box has found its true vocation, this time in the mining industry.


I’ve not got round to mixing some filler yet, having decided that it might be prudent to find out how much space the mine building would take up before embedding the rocks permanently on the layout. A strange instance of joined up thinking for once!

Meanwhile, over on the MTI forum, Simon Dawson suggested a possible second module for unloading the wagons. This had crossed my mind, but it wouldn’t be as simple as it was with Green End Quarry because I’m not using side tipper wagons.

geq compo

The hoppers would have to enter a mill building where they could be unloaded manually out of sight. To facilitate this the train could reverse at a switchback so that the wagon is being propelled on arrival at the mill.

mine mill

This is, of course, outside the limitations of the Dave Brewer Challenge but that’s no reason why the second module could be built as a separate entity and the two only joined together at a later date. However, the layout would not be as portable with two sections, so I doubt that it would ever leave home in this formation because it would not be possible to carry on public transport.


stop board


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