2016 NGRM/ExpoNG Dave Brewer Challenge (2)

ngrm 2016 brewer plan

There is no acceptable fail rate once the point operating mechanism is buried in the scenery, so it has been somewhat over engineered (1). The operating rod is cut from a metal coathanger, the pin was a paper clip and the whole is held together with copper wire binding and plenty of solder. To help keep the pin in place the rod is scored with saw cuts where the paper clip and wire are wrapped round it. The cover plate is cut from a cigar tin (2) but thin styrene sheet would do the same job. Card or MDF are not suitable here because of the diluted PVA that will be used when the track is ballasted.


With the points in place the operating pin is trimmed to length (3) then tested before the track is pinned down (4). The challenge allows for up to 30cm width and ample height so I’ll use some of this to drop the scenery below track level in the foreground (5). The cliff behind the track is part of an old electric fire (never throw anything away).


stop board


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