But wasn’t the previous post called the same? Not quite, BOAC was an airline, Boac is a place. Genuinely, I kid you not. OK, it’s not in South America but Sierra Oculta’s not actually a real country so I see no reason why it should not borrow place names from elsewhere around the world. I’m not sure whereabouts in Sierra Oculta Boac is going to be yet, and I’ll need to redraw the FCPyF route map to include the branch when I’ve decided, but it’s probably somewhere on the Northern Division.

Right, now we’ve got that sorted out… In the previous post I mentioned the possibility of modelling in OO9 and, as the FCPyF exists in a disjointed form already, it’s quite feasible to build a section of the railway in a different scale.

Sierra Minor

The trackplan roughly follows that of Puerto del Sastra, thus giving a company standard branch terminus. In the photo below the bus, as yet still a road vehicle, is where the departure track will be and the loco is on the arrival track.


I’ve had the station building in stock for some years, it cost the princely sum of 50p at a show where I was exhibiting, but I have not worked in OO scale for a long time so it’s not previously found a use.

Don’t expect any rapid progress with this layout though, I’ll convert the bus first, then see if the CD turntable idea translates from 16.5 to 9 mm gauge before committing to buying any OO9 track.

stop board


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