I have bought a Dinky BOAC coach on Ebay with the intentions of converting it into a railcar for the FCPyF. Discussion on the NGRM Online forum casts some doubt as to its suitability for On30 and I must admit that one reference I’ve found on the internet does refer to it as closer to OO scale. However, according to statistics published elsewhere on the web it is 122mm long, a tad under five inches in proper measures.

Bedford OB

I have just measured my Bedford OB (shown above at Resurreccion) to find that the coach body, discounting the bonnet, is also about five inches long.

The Commer/Harrington Contenders (prototype photo below) were built in the 1950s and not particularly large vehicles, at least not when compared to modern coaches.

Commer Harrington Contender

Some videos I’ve seen of South American “autoferros” show that they could be quite small vehicles and my railbus is going to be freelance, even if it does look a bit like a Harrington Contender. So I’m hoping that the BOAC coach will, therefore, be suitable despite what has been said on the forum. But, if it’s not, I’ll still have an interesting model to display with my other vintage Dinky toys next to the television in the front room.

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Edit – It has arrived and is too small. tempted to make it into a OO9 railbus instead, but that would mean a new scale and a new layout. On the back burner for now so it has joined my other Dinky toys for the time being.

stop board


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