Ferrocarril Mediados

The Midland Railway in England was famous for its “small engine policy” but less well known was the Ferrocarril Mediados in Sierra Oculta. Originally called the Sierra Midland, this railway also operated a small engine policy though small here referred to the loading gauge. The route of the FcM included a number of tunnels with restricted clearance so the company’s trains were a lot smaller than those operated by the FCPyF. When the FcM closed in 1953 a number of its locomotives were transferred to the Pampas and Fernandez.

small engines

Probably the best known of these to trainspotters on the FCPyF are the Pacific #9,  ancient 2-4-0 #1 and Prairie #28. Also seen in the photos are the Forney 2-4-4T and, in front of the Pacific, a small 2-6-0 of Japanese origin.

Jap mogul

Work on the Forney is progressing, slowly, but the Mogul is just an idea. It’s not a particularly good runner at the moment. If I can improve this I will replace the card mock-up with a wooden (coffee stirrers) cab.

Edit, Thursday 29th – I’ve got the Japanese Mogul running fairly well in reverse but it’s still a bit ropey when going forwards. It might get better with some running in so I’ll set up a circular track for it to stretch its legs on at the weekend.

Peru Rail #60 can be seen in the running shed. Work on lowering the height of the big diesel is almost complete. I have decided to leave it in the PR blue livery as a foreign engine on hire so, with the new roof now painted, it just needs weathering.



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