The big diesel is now back on shed at Cuarto awaiting further attention after a test run on the main line this morning. It has been decided that the air tanks will be omitted, giving #60 a cleaner roof profile. Apart from the obvious aesthetic reasons it was also found that the tanks fouled the loading gauge, and the kiss principle makes for easier modelling anyway.

60 on shed

On the subject of aesthetics, the loco looks quite good running long hood first. This is not as strange a practice as you might think. It reduces driver visibility but, as the FCPyF is a fully unionised railway, locos on the main line are always double crewed and the second man can watch the driver’s blind spots. Running long hood first actually gives no worse visibility than that from a steam loco’s footplate where the boiler is in the way! There are also a number of dangerous level crossings, such as the one at Resurreccion, where the crew are better protected in the case of accidents when running long hood forward.

The carriage and wagon department have been busy too.

11 ex

The new coach has been returned to Cuarto Sheds where the “doped canvas” covering the roof planks will be left to dry overnight.


After work on Monday I’ll trim it to size.



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