Over Rio

San Fernandez Terminus has been built so that I can have a small indoor layout during the cold winter weather but come next spring it will be moved into the garage so that it can be operated in conjunction with the FCPyF main line. When I got home from work this afternoon I had a go at rigging up a shelf above/behind Rio Paleta for SFT to rest on.


The positioning of the upper and lower off stage areas allows for easy transfer of trains between the two levels and the height of SFT puts it at the ideal level for viewing trains under the platform canopy.

After tea I had a look at the San Pedro brake coach and decided to make it into a four-wheeler using a Jouef wagon chassis from my scrap-box.


The coach will be used mostly with mixed freight and passenger trains so it has been fitted with a Kadee at one end and a tension lock at the other, making it suitable to hang on the rear of trains fitted with either sort of coupler.

If anyone recognises these two models, both originally riding on Tri-ang bogies, I’d really like to know more about their history. They seem quite old, built out of thin wood sheet with veneer panelling and hand painted emblems of St Peter’s cross keys. The saloon is obviously modelled after the Corris Railway but the brake appears  to be freelance, not least because it has no external doors to the guard’s compartment (though I have fitted an internal door from the adjoining passenger compartment).


I purchased the pair on Ebay some years ago, all the vendor could tell me about them was that they were built by a clergyman somewhere in the south of England.

Please feel free to get in touch if you can help.




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