Old slowcoach

2-4-2 #2 was seen back at Cuarto Sheds this morning but the loco was not giving any problems. The visit was to try out a different tender for looks. When #19 was converted to a tank engine her tender became spare. This standard Bachmann tender had a veranda on the front end that is not needed when coupled to #2. I cannot see how to shorten the tender underframe without major surgery, in fact it would be easier to build a new one from scratch! However, fitting a six wheeled chassis under the tender’s body makes the length and outline suitable.


It will still need repainting and a Kadee on the rear but this tender will, in all probability, replace the shorter tender currently attached to #2.

The bogie chassis from #19’s tender is now free so I have decided to use the “Corris” saloon to make #2’s train up to two coaches by removing the old Tri-ang bogies and mounting the body on the tender chassis.

slowcoach 2

The coach has an entrance on one side only, which means it needs to be the right way round to match most of the station platforms. There are some stations, such as Frog Rock, where it will be platformed “wrong side” though and at these locations the passengers will have to get in and out from ground level on the track side. Devoid of such luxuries as heating, or even a door, this ancient coach will provide economy accommodation… In fact, without access from the rest of the train for ticket inspection, most passengers using the saloon will be able to travel free.


This afternoon’s northbound local on the Eastern Division was provided by the recently rebuilt railcar #14, closely followed by a short freight.


After which there was a lull in traffic so I headed over to the mine and its vantage point over the Jones River bridge.


The miners hard at work. Well, one of them was, the other two were deep in conversation, but I didn’t have much time to watch them as an unfamiliar sound was heard from below.


Diesel #15 on a southbound passenger train, some strange things can be seen on the FCPyF on Sundays.


A magnificent machine, capable of pulling much more than a two car local!



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