Another Forney?

Not another Bachmann Forney. Too expensive, too much trouble getting it to run. Nice now it’s been converted into a tender loco though.

No, definitely not, but the idea would use a Bachmann mechanism. “Percy” has seen little use since the On30 modules were retired from the exhibition circuit.


My idea is to build a Forney onto this chassis using a new boiler, fitted around the tank on the original OO body, with a panelled wooden cab made from card and coffee stirrers.

Well, I say my idea. . . In truth it has been “borrowed” from Giles on the MTI forum, but I’m sure he won’t mind.

giles b forney

The photo above, from the MTI forum, is the inspiration. It’s a rough mock up showing the thinking behind Giles’s planned Forney.

Taking the idea further, I have experimented with pivoting the bogie at the inner end instead of the centre line.


This allows it to swing out from under the cab and bunker on tight curves but the bogie mounted coupler ensures that there should be no problems with dragging stock off the track as the loco’s rear end sways from side to side (the main reason I chopped the Bachmann Forney into a tender loco).

100_0749Satisfied that the loco can operate on such tight radii without causing derailments I have drawn up as rough sketch of how I think it should look.

forney final

Work will continue on the new Forney as soon as number 19 is completed.



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