Mystery loco

A photograph in one of the old Sierra Oculta guide books shows a tram loco crossing Jones River. The photo is not too clear, with the bridge girders obscuring the train.

tram - book

Intrigued by this I have been searching for more information about the tram. Another view of it on the same bridge is less obscured but unfortunately it is an old photo in less than perfect condition.

100_0669 tram sepia

Finally I found an image of it taken at Frog Rock in the early 1960s. The loco appears to be carrying number 8 and FCPyF markings, which is strange because FCPyF number 8 is an oil-fired 4-4-0 tender loco.

100_0667 tram frog rock

OK, it’s not that much of a mystery. The tram was bought to use as the station pilot on the original FCPyF layout, before the Ferrocarril Internacional came into being. I don’t know why but it was never used on the modules when they were on the exhibition circuit, so there is some mystery after all, and it has languished in a box during the intervening years.


I gave the tram a test run on the main line this evening, hence the photos. It’s a good match for the European style four wheeled coach and will probably be assigned to the Puerto branch along with the FCPyY’s other skirted tram loco (number 3) when I eventually get round to finishing the scenery.

3 at Resurreccion

Which reminds me, the rear coupler on number three needs replacing. It’s a never ending task keeping these old locos in service. Much easier if the trains were replaced by diesel railcars, but the FCPyF’s finance department will not sanction any expenditure on new passenger equipment!



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