Shed clutter

Sheds, be they in the garden or elsewhere, often attract clutter. Nowhere more so than at the back of the loco sheds on preserved railways where long forgotten projects rust away next to other items that are being worked upon intermittently, the whole scene disturbed only by the occasional coming or going of a loco actually in service.

The FCPyF is not preserved, but such scenes are also to be found on full time operations. It’s just that they tend to be hidden further away from the general public’s prying eyes than they are on heritage railways. It was the untidy loco shed scene on P.D.Hancock’s Craig and Mertonford Railway that was largely responsible for tempting me to model narrow gauge way back when I was still at school, forty something years ago.


Photo from “Narrow Gauge Adventure” – ISBN 900586 54 0

I soldered the wires to the rails on Cuarto Sheds this morning, then pinned the tracks to the baseboard and made a start on the major scenic structures. To the left a small green tank engine can just be seen in the workshops while to the right diesel #29 is half in half out of the two road running shed. Between these two locos can be seen the clutter referred to in the post’s title. On the back road are some clockwork mechanisms, long since abandoned as an idea for extra motive power but not thrown away because they “may come in useful someday”. Also on the same track is a large hopper wagon which still has not had its couplers fitted, it has been waiting for them about six years now.


On the middle road a caboose, some off-cuts awaiting building into an On18 wagon and the remnants of loco #2’s tender conversion stand next to the wagon I made yesterday, which has just been repainted and will soon be transferred to the main layout. This mess is probably what Cuarto Sheds will look like for most of the time as it plays host to bits and pieces that I’m working on.

It keeps the clutter off the workbench though!



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