Chopping and changing

Every time I get ready to take the dog out for a walk it starts raining, then I sit down to do something else and the sun comes out!

Ah well, at least I’ve tried out an idea I’ve been mulling over for a while.


At first glance you might wonder what an old Tri-ang wagon is doing in this FCPyF freight train, but looks can be deceiving.


It’s not an old Tri-ang wagon at all, it’s TWO old Tri-ang wagons spliced together to match the width of the On30 stock, compare with the unaltered wagon in the picture below.


The leftovers won’t be going to waste.


The chassis can have a coffee stirrer flat wagon built on it and the off-cuts can be combined with an N gauge chassis to become another bogie wagon in On18 scale.


I really do not think there’s any chance whatsoever of an O scale narrow gauge modeller ever being accepted as a member of the Tri-ang Society, not with the way we hack “collectors’ items” apart like this.

They’re toys, and toys are meant to be played with, not collected.



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