Drones, Pacifics and Cuarto Sheds

Not launched from Lincolnshire at the apparent whim of Cameron, some drones only shoot with a camera. I’ve just found this excellent film of the Weka Pass railway’s A class Pacific passing through Frog Rock on Youtube.

The still on the left below is taken from the video, the one on the right a few minutes later on the layout.

frog 4

Two Frog Rocks, one in New Zealand and one in my garage.

The second video shows the FCPyF’s own Pacific with a short train of empties.

I have made a start on the new micro-layout based on the company’s workshops at Cuarto de Pulgada. There is a display in Crewe Heritage Centre which reveals several parts of the huge complex that was Crewe Loco Works could be modelled as isolated scenes. With this in mind the new micro-layout will be supposedly a confined corner of the works, hemmed in on three sides.

The images and plan shown below should give an idea of what I’m aiming at.


At the rear a high brick wall runs the entire length of the baseboard, with a single track skirting this wall. In front of this a running shed to the right covers two tracks (the two locos are in the shed), with one track gaining access through to the workshop at the left of the scene. The caboose is standing outside the closed workshop door. The middle track, where the small tender is, stops short of the workshop.

This is intended more as a place to store locos and stock that I’m working on than as an operational layout but all three tracks have access to an off stage cassette to the right so that it can be run from time to time during winter when it’s too cold to play trains in the garage. I’m getting soft in my old age!



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