A little tender

No, I’ve not got a hangover!

A while ago I posted on my Beer and Chilli blog about a trip to the East Lancashire Railway, making particular reference to the (Derby built) tender attached to the (Crewe built) locomotive and how the narrower body looked wrong.

tender 1

That’s a Hughes Crab in the picture above (the loco, not me).

Anyway, what’s this got to do with modelling? Well, it’s to do with narrow tenders. Just as 13065’s cab is wider than the tender so too is that of number 9 on the FCPyF, as shown in the photos below.

tender 2

The thin ledges along the outside of both tenders can be used by the fireman to access the water filler hatch behind the coal bunker.

tender 3

I have no idea why the loco’s number is located at the front of the tender, possibly a throwback to the railway it ran on before transfer to the FCPyF?

tender 4

I took the easy option with the HO scale tender’s conversion to On30. It was really not that much narrower than the loco to justify slicing it lengthways and splicing an extra bit of width into it, especially as this would have involved altering the water filler cap. So I’ve just added the thin ledges along each side, using Plastruct strip, imitating the tender seen on the ELR.

And, before anyone comments, I am fully aware that the bloke with his hands in his pockets standing on the platform at Heywood is considerably rounder than the one seen in a similar pose at Frog Rock.

tender 5

Thank you!



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