Gift horses don’t need dentists

I mentioned recently an idea for a small On30 layout based on the maintenance sheds at the FCPyF’s headquarters in Cuarto de Pulgada (click here to view post) but I’ve not done anything about it since. However, on the way home from work this afternoon I spotted a bit of half inch plywood leaning against a wall. Obviously dumped and in need of a good home, so I salvaged it before it got rained on and ruined.

shed 1

Not only have I saved the token 50p or pound fee charged by B&Q’s off-cuts counter, but there’s also the bus fare to Crewe and back to be added into the equation. All in all, free is a very good bargain indeed!

shed 2

It is as near as damn it spot on for the size I had in mind, an external cassette or plug-in fiddlestick will still be needed but the main board is just about perfect.

I have no idea who left this bit of wood near the lights at the end of Hind Heath Road, but it’s certainly not going to waste and all donations are welcome if they have got any more similar off cuts. Winter is on the way though, there’s a chance that the wood might get wet if it’s just dumped at random, so please drop me an email to arrange deliveries instead of fly-tipping!

(oscalemodeller at aol dot co dot uk)



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