Making a mountain…

… Though not out of a molehill.


What it is made of:

  1. Work done so far – Baseboard and trackbed (scrap wood and hardboard off-cuts).
  2. Muslin cloth stretched over crumpled newspapers.
  3. Shredded newspaper glued to muslin.
  4. Thick paint applied all over, for strength and flexibility more than colour, with sand sprinkled on in places to give additional texture and rigidity where required.
  5. The rock face above the mine does not have the paper layer. It is three layers of cloth glued together so that it is a flexible curtain. The mine itself is currently under the bin bag to protect it from damage during the scenic work taking place above it.
  6. Additional muslin has also been applied to the area between the two tunnels for reinforcement because the newspaper came loose when I painted it.
  7. Yet to come – Another layer of shredded newspaper glued over areas already treated this way, followed by another coat of paint, then a filler/PVA mix for the top surface (just paint for the area above the mine).
  8. The crumpled newspaper will then be removed from underneath the scenery, leaving an empty “cave” for storage of spare rolling stock and locos.

While not attached to the upper layout shelf or the garage wall the zigzag section is not intended to be portable. This is why I need the flexible rock face above the mine, allowing access to the area behind Jones River where there are electrical connections for the layout lighting as well as the radio control unit supplying traction power.

The saying goes that railway modelling is fun. Not so sure about that right now. At the moment railway modelling is just like waiting for paint to dry. In fact at the moment railway modelling is just waiting for paint to dry.

Ho hum. Time for breakfast, then take the hound for a walk to get a paper. If I can’t do the crossword I can always  rip it to pieces… Not out of anger, purely for scenic modelling.




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