Not so steep!

When I woke up yesterday morning I had the idea to run a siding off the lower level of the zigzag with a truck dump to serve the mine, but the road between the truck dump and the mine worked out too steep.

dumper 3

It’s now 2.15 the following morning and the solution has just hit me!

While letting the dog out to “inspect the garden” I was stood in the garage looking at the layout and suddenly realised that forming the profile of the fascia on the Jones River/Zigzag scene as if the road came forward beyond the front of the baseboard would enable the gradients involved to be eased.

It’s easier to explain visually than in words so I’ve had a play with “Paint” on the laptop and come up with this…

Truck Dump

The hairpin bend sticking out from the layout would not actually be modelled, but just suggested by the profile of the scenery’s front edge. However, it’s going to have to wait before I can put the theory to test because I don’t think my neighbours would take kindly to hearing the power saw at this time of day!



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