Top shelf

With the Warley Fen removed from the top shelf the entire wall of the garage can be dedicated solely to the FCPyF. The upper shelf holds the branch terminus, now named Puerto del Sastra (Taylors Port), and the planned switchback scene. These two are unconnected, the staging area between them has the upper and lower tracks for the switchback interlaced with the cassette storage for the terminus.

top shelf

Top row – 1, Puerto del Sastra (under construction). 2, The upper staging area. 3, The switchback (planning). Middle row – 4, The switchback from above. 5, The switchback, the mine and Jones River, showing how the upper and lower sections of the layout will be linked by extending the scenery above the mine. The final picture (6) shows an overall view of the twin decked area of the layout.

I’ll be working on a new route map to account for the new sections over the weekend.



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