Progression and regression



The turntable has had some work done on it, so it looks less like some scraps of hardboard glued onto a CD… And now looks more like some coffee stirrers glued onto a CD!


Note also the addition of a lever allowing traincrews to turn their locos while avoiding the oily water in the pit.This is functional rather than cosmetic and makes operating the turntable a lot easier.


There will be no more trains for some time. Having got the turntable working satisfactorily I have continued building up the pit around it with filler, including inset tracks across the platform ends and in the station yard.


It looks a mess. It is a mess! But you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, when the filler sets it will have another layer added to smooth out the surface then the flangeways will be carved out. The edge of the pit will be overgrown but with a clear walkway around the front following the arc described by the operating lever between the goods shed and the loco release road as the turntable rotates.


To facilitate further work on the scenery, and keep the mess out of the office, I have returned the layout to the garage where it is now resting on the upper layout shelf above Frog Rock on the FCPyF main line. As it is now at eye level I noticed that the flat area in front of the goods shed could be used as a quayside. This would add visual interest without making the area look too crowded so I may well go with the idea, hence the boat.

I’m still undecided over what to call the branch terminus. With the quay there’s a temptation to use the name of a port (the sort that comes in bottles) or maybe a West Midlands football match, Villa-Wolves… Though in Spanish, so that it’s also the name of the composer of one of my favourite pieces of classical music.

Watch this film, some of the images could be the FCPyF!

(The image at the start of this post is a still from the film.)



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