Wet and dry

But not in that order.

The rock faces on the Jones River module are now looking just about as I wanted them to, weathered limestone, after repeated painting. First the filler was applied with brown poster paint mixed into it, this was covered with a creamy coloured emulsion paint, followed by dry brushing with brilliant white. The final application was black poster paint, brushed on then sprayed with water so that it thinned out and settled in the crevices.


Time to turn my attention to the river itself. The brown painted base will have repeated applications of neat PVA added. This process takes a long time because each layer has to set clear before the next is poured and spread.


The effect once there are several coats is remarkably good and I’ve used it on several layouts in the past, including the harbours on Port Abel and Lochside (both sold to new owners). But the process can be used for running water to, as it was for the mountain stream on Allt-Na-Ballt.


In the case of Allt-Na-Ballt I needed the effect of white water on the falls so some white paint was added to one of the layers of glue but for Jones River I want the water to appear as if it is in flood, and carrying a lot of sediment, so some diluted brown paint will be used in one of the intermediate layers when that stage is reached.



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