On your marks…

the bridge

Though the scenery on Jones River is not yet completed the FCPyF is now in a condition fit to be operated and I have loaded the staging yards ready for the first session.

The traverser now forms what is in theory the south end of the line (Quarto de Pulgada) and the sector plate at the other end of the garage is now the northern terminus (San Fernandez de los Andes, usually abbreviated to Fernandez by the railroad staff).

Quarto de Pulgada

Northbound for the first session, loco number 8 with a mineral train and 42 on a semifast passenger working (above). Tender first operation was often seen on the Ferrocarril Internacional to enable quick turnarounds at exhibitions but it is rare on the FCPyF, so I’m not sure why 42 is facing the wrong way!

Southbound (below) are 7 on a freight, 19 on the mail train, railcar 21 (El Ganzo) on a semifast working and 3 on the main line local. Also heading for Quarto is railcar 22, staged on the San Pedro branch (underneath the mine on the Jones River module).

San Fernandez

The schedule will be El Ganzo first, followed by loco 3 and train, thus freeing up track one on the sector plate for loco 8 and the mineral train. Loco 19 will then take the mail to the track vacated by 8 at the south end and 42 will run north onto track two on the sector plate. Railcar 22 will then run from San Pedro to QdP followed by number 7 on the freight from Fernandez to end the morning shift.

The trains will then be turned in the staging yards before the afternoon shift returns them whence they came so they can be reversed again ready for the next day’s operations.



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