The gorge

With the end profile boards added the new Jones River module is starting to appear in 3D as I’d imagined it since the outset. The river follows an incised meandering course along the gorge with the far end being disguised by the railway’s civil engineering.

Jones River Gorge

Instead of a second tunnel I have opted for a rock sided cutting to the right of the bridge. I would have preferred the railway on a ledge above the river but this would have made it difficult to hide where the water meets the backscene. The height of the ground between the river and the railway will be adjusted to the bare minimum required and the bridge should act as a distraction to prevent the watcher’s eye following the train into this section of the gorge, but the rock formation between the river and the railway will still be necessary to complete the image.


Access to the tunnel for changing the points during operating sessions is via the front of the crate supporting the upper shelf between Resurreccion and Jones River but I have decided to design the tunnel top so that it can be removed if needed for re-railing stock on the branch. I’ve not finalised this design yet but the removable section of scenery will probably have a small mine on it to give an excuse for a boundary fence.



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