Even a model railway has history. In the case of the Ferrocarril Internacional and Ferrocarril Consolidado Pampa y Fernandez this history can be seen in old photographs and film clips on Youtube showing sections of the railways that are no longer in use, whether this is because the modules have been dismantled or sold to new owners.

The FI is unlikely to be re-established because some of the former Cheshire Railway Modellers members are no longer modelling in On30 scale and others have gone their own ways or stopped exhibiting completely for various reasons. The whole ethos of the FI was that it was a joint operation by a number of individuals. On the other hand my own On30 modules, now operating as the FCPyF, are enjoying renewed interest since the layout’s future in the garage has been confirmed. Resurreccion has been smartened up a bit and Jones River is being completely rebuilt.

That’s the facts. History can be stretched into fiction too. The FCPyF has no counterpart in the real world, even the Marxist republic country it is supposed to be in is made up, but the camera can lie!

main lineA Pampas and Fernandez freight train, still known by its English title in those days, photographed on the main line near Resurreccion early in the 1900s.

on shed

An small tender locomotive, possibly number 31 or 32, receiving attention on shed at Quarto de Pulgada. The loco in the background is something of an enigma. As far as can be established the saddletanks owned by the Pampas and Fernandez included numbers 3, 5, and 19, but they were quite different designs from the one on the photo. The last saddle tank, 0-4-2ST number 69, was involved in an accident and subsequently rebuilt as a railmotor, so the loco in the photo may well be 69 before rebuilding.

san fernandezConnections are still made with a lake steamer at Taylors Port but the transfer facilities were greatly reduced in later years after a road was built following the lake shore. Much of the freight traffic now goes by lorry, though many passengers still use the train and ferry in preference to a long, slow, and often dusty bus journey around the lake.



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