Bare bones

I’ve made a start on the new Jones River module, it doesn’t look much like a railway running through a steeply sided river valley at the moment but give it time!

JR 1

The two mineral hoppers are standing where the bridge itself will be located, a tunnel just in front of the loco will disguise the exit to the next module in that direction and another tunnel behind the caboose will hide the San Pedro branch fiddleyard.


Link sections between modules are usually hidden, as this one will eventually be, but this photo shows the pure simplicity of the CRM modular system.

JR 2

The links allow a certain amount of tolerance for height and lateral alignment between modules, enabling layouts to be assembled much more easily than if there was no leeway. A pair of wires provide back-up for the electrical connection via the fishplates but, in practice at exhibitions, we found that the link sections were often enough on their own for the transfer of power from one module to the next. Our first modular layout (in OO scale) actually ran for the full day at its debut exhibition with a pair of jumper wires disconnected and we did not notice until we were knocking down at the end of the show.

JR 3

Looking towards Resurreccion we can see the turnout for San Pedro and the “tunnel” through one of the beer crates supporting the upper layout shelf.

Never let it be said that I’m anything other than a bodger!



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