I’ve been in court today over the mess that a divorce can be, and came away in disbelief.

It turns out that I will not have to move home after all, so all the preparation to redesign the FCPyF as a U shaped layout has been unnecessary. Unnecessary but not wasted. I really like the look of Resurreccion now it has been rebuilt as a stand alone scene without Jones River and I can take the opportunity to improve the latter scene while the layout is still dismantled. I may also reinstate a corner section to replace Taylors Port as well so that the layout can extend the full length of the L shaped shelf in the garage but for now I’m just looking at restoring the long straight run along one wall.

The traverser fiddleyard and Frog Rock, with the beer crate “tunnel” between them, remain in situ from before the layout being dismantled but I have taken out the plywood support for the upper layout shelf and replaced it with another beer crate to gain some extra strength for the shelf. This makes the hidden section between the two modules slightly longer but the main layout shelf can easily accommodate this.


After disappearing into the rock cutting at Frog Rock and tunnelling through this crate the line now emerges from the forest at Resurreccion before disappearing between the trees and entering the third support crate.


From there it will cross the Jones River module, yet to be rebuilt as a stand alone scene so please excuse the mess, then run via Rio Paleta (still in the house at the moment) to reach the sector plate fiddleyard at the end of the shelf.


I cannot express how much of a relief it is to know that I do not have to move house. The disruption it would have caused and inevitable damage to layouts and rolling stock would have been unimaginable but my main concern was that the house I would have moved to is on a busy road and I was extremely worried as to how my dog would have coped with the change, having lived on a fairly quiet estate for the past four years.

On the bright side, I have recently trimmed some dead wood from the layout collection in preparation for what I thought was the impending removal so there’s a bit less junk in the garage now… Not that you’d guess this from the photo of Jones River!



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