Exit, stage right

Last night I dismantled Muttsdorf, salvaging the station building for possible reuse on an American microlayout and the low relief trees for the backscene on Resurreccion.

These trees have been arranged around the exit to fiddleyard at the right hand end of the module as can be seen in the accompanying photos.

Exit 1

When seen along the track the hole in the sky is sufficiently disguised by the overhanging greenery and from normal viewing angles the exit is hardly noticeable.

Exit 2

Resurreccion is now ready to be incorporated into a new version of the Ferrocarril Consolidado Pampa y Fernandez, with Rio Paleta, at a future date.

Exit 3

This leaves the Jones River bridge for reconstruction as a curved section to fit around the the end of the new U-shaped layout.



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