Back on track

Well, more on line than on track! My pooter died about a month ago so I’ve been saving up for a replacement.

In the meantime I’ve been working on the FCPyF. I think I might be able to incorporate most of the existing layout into a new set-up when the railway is relocated. Resurreccion, Jones River Bridge and Rio Paleta could form a U shaped layout. Frog Rock could be used as a stand alone diorama for static photography, or slotted into the layout in place of Resurreccion, meaning that all four sections of the layout will survive.

plan B

However the combined scene of Resurreccion and Jones River will be lost because their relative positions will be reversed with a (hidden) sharp curve between them. This hidden section will also contain a short fiddleyard representing the San Pedro branch (see route map on the FCPyF page) so that railcar No.21, El Ganzo, does not have to negotiate the tight curves that will be involved with the U-shaped arrangement.

As well as doodling on bits of paper while off line I have also been working on loco No.2, the former Forney which has lost its bunker and gained a trailing pony truck and a four wheeled tender to become a 2-4-2. Unfortunately this loco is still giving me problems because I have not figured out the wiring in the ashpan yet so it’s a non-runner at present.

2 work in progress

I have also been working on loco No.3, the rather rusty British built saddle-tank with tram skirts, adding sand boxes (made from Lego bricks) on the footplate to hide the odd shaped cutouts in the smokebox saddle.

3 at Resurreccion

Regular readers may notice that there is quite a bit of extra greenery around the station, more evidence that I’ve been busy while off-line!



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