They never cease to amaze. Do the lowest common denominators know anything about what happens on the other side of the railway’s boundary fence?

From a well known model railway forum…

“Sleeper works wagon, isn’t it? Like Taunton Concrete used?”

– Good answer.

“I do believe you’re right. So they were primarily used to carry Sleepers. But I’m guessing from their use with concrete works they could handle other loads. Most likely crated goods and the like not sure if they could, for example, carry loose coal loads like a standard wagon.” *

– And just why would a wagon modified to serve as an engineers’ vehicle be used like a ‘standard’ wagon? Oh, I know, maybe the railway has spent all its money on having one of everything for the MPD and only has half a dozen wagons for all those locos to pull.

And, while we’re discussing wagon loads, coal is always loose. If it was glued down (or a solid moulding) it would be quite difficult to unload the wagon.

* Quoted text edited for spelling only.



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