Happy tenth birthday

About five years ago I had a disagreement with Andy York, the admin of RMweb, and his “anonymous” moderators (named below).

No.3 – Dave ‘Beast’ Skipsey
No.4 – Graham ‘Muz’ Muspratt
No.5 – Chris Wright
No.6 – Rod Cameron

That disagreement resulted in me being banned from the forum but the mob mentality of the members, whipped up in no small way by York himself, resulted in continued insults being posted while I was denied a right to reply. Since then several other modellers I know, either personally or via the internet, have also fell foul of similar treatment by the self opinionated individual and his henchmen.

This example of York’s handiwork was shared recently.


RMweb is not a one man business, it is owned by Warners, and York is a Warners employee. I’m pretty sure that if I used language like this while conducting my job I’d soon be seeking alternative employment.

Happy tenth birthday RMweb. You’d think that after that long doing the job your forum admin would have learnt how to be polite by now, or at least to follow his own rules!


But you’d be wrong if you did.

Even on the forum’s birthday he’s calling his readers asinine, is there no end to this man’s charm and wit?


And somebody thinks this is friendly and supportive! That shows what levels the forum has descended to over its ten year existence.


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