Major earthquake hits Sierra Oculta

There was some disruption to services on the Ferrocarril Consolidado Pampa y Fernandez this morning as a major earthquake brought all trains to a standstill for about two hours.

No complaints were received from passengers (who are used to the trains running haphazardly at the best of times) but there now needs to be an overhaul of the railway’s timetable, and route map, because Frog Rock has moved to the north of Rio Paleta, such was the strength of the earthquake.

Earthquake 001

The true reason for changing these two modules round is to allow the upper layout shelf to be moved about a foot further northwards, thus bringing Resurrección out of its shadow. The two single modules needed swapping round so that the central support could be moved to match the new position of the upper shelf.

Earthquake 002

Resurrección and Jones River now look better with improved lighting for both halves of the combined scene.



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