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With so many different modelling interests it’s little surprise that some ideas get completely forgotten while others are taken up and become viable layouts. Rosedale’s baseboard has been collecting dust since I last mentioned it here on my blog. I had three sets of points allocated to this layout but I borrowed one for Muttsdorf and the other two are “somewhere in the garage” but I’ve not got a clue where! Anyhow, at the exhibition in Crewe yesterday I picked up a bargain, two sets of large radius points, complete with point motors, for a fiver. I don’t normally use motors on my points, preferring to use mechanical rodding as more reliable and easier to maintain, but I might just retain the motors for this layout. So, taking another look at the trackplan and tweaking it so that it only needs two sets of points results in this.

rosedale 3

The extension to the left will be hidden from view, the scenic break being provided by the goods shed, and the supposed track work beyond the bridge to the right will be represented by off stage cassettes. The layout should allow some interesting shunting, especially if operated in steam era light railway mode with mixed passenger and goods trains as well as mineral trains where the wagons need propelling two at a time to the foot of the incline.

How long it is before I actually do any work on the layout depends on a lot of non-modelling factors though, so it may be a while before any track is pinned down and, if I can find the missing points in the meantime, the plan might get redrawn again before work commences.



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