No, the FCPyF has not been extended northwards through Peru, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica et al until it reached the USA. Nevada simply means snowy.

The Pampas and Fernandez Railway is in the Andes. The Andes are in the southern hemisphere. When it’s summer in England it is winter in Sierra Oculta, as this rather poor photograph shows.

005 500The image is a still taken from video footage made by a TV crew flying over the area around Frog Rock in a light aircraft. The railway is closed and the towns along the line are cut off until there’s a let up in the weather.

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The true reason for the railway’s closure is so that I can get some work done on the scenic break between Jones River and the south staging yard.

pack road 001

Blocking the line at Frog Rock removes the temptation to play with the trains instead of getting on with the job. The embossed  styrene sheet masonry on the bridge was stuck on a couple of days ago and the curved section has been held in place with clothes pegs while the glue dried. This morning I carefully removed the pegs to see if the styrene sheet would maintain its shape before adding a coating of filler to make the mortar lines shallower and help to break up the regularity of the pattern in the stonework.

pack road 005

This was then painted “fresco” with brown poster paint and left in the sunshine to bake. The next stage, once the paint has dried, will be to go over this with washes of white until it reaches the right “stone” colour. So, there’s not much else I can do to it at the moment.

pack road 007

A snowplow has been dispatched to clear the line high in the mountains.



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