Rusty rails hidden in the grass

Many many years ago I discovered a hand worked tramway in a disused quarry. I wasn’t looking for the track, I was playing truant from school at the time and the old quarry was a quiet place to go for a smoke. In actual fact I found the rails by stumbling over them!

Add to this a school geography trip to North Wales, including walking along what was at the time the still closed upper section of the Festiniog Railway, and you may have some idea of why I think of narrow gauge railways as being run down… Rusty rails hidden in the grass.

The Asilo module, dismantled last year, had grass all over the trackbed. I’ve not replicated this on the new Resurrección scene but I have included an overgrown MoW run off spur on the link section between there and Jones River.

MoW 1c

Satisfied by the appearance of this short siding I decided that the track on Jones River needed either grass or more ballast to disguise the HO scale sleepers and, of course, the title of this blog entry gives away which option I chose.

MoW 007a

What I am still not happy with at the south end of the layout is the overbridge between the river module and the staging yard. This was originally part of the Asilo module but will eventually be replaced by a tunnel with the hillside sloping down away from the viewer towards the backscene. Talking of which… It’s an advertising poster for Canadian holidays, so the wrong continent, but otherwise almost a perfect picture to go with the bridge module.



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