La Posada Estrella

No, I’ve not forgotten the Gn15 loco I was working on yesterday. Just been sidetracked a bit during a mega clear out in the garage.


Yeah, I know, it’s still a tip but it is getting better every time I have a go at it.

The sidetracking was due to the discovery of this kit in a box of junk, and me having the attention span of a…


What was I on about? Oh aye, the attention span of a goldfish. Anyway the instructions were discarded because the kit, as designed, will not fit on any of the On30 modules.

However, many years ago a copy of the Good Beer Guide once referred to the Star Inn as “an odd shaped pub next to the railway station”. No mention of the beer, but it went without saying that it was good because it was in the Good Beer Guide. If you ask me it was the best beer in Glossop at the time! Boddingtons, of course.

Anyhow, back to the kit. After a bit of bodging it now looks like this.


Still work in progress but I like the way it frames the level crossing.


And it is “an odd shaped pub next to the railway station”.


Unfortunately, I’m sorry to say, not selling Boddingtons.

While I’m at this end of the layout I’ll show you the point mechanism. There are various ways of throwing the points, some are expensive and can be complicated too, others are cheap  and dead simple. No prizes for guessing which way I choose!

point 1

The point rodding is nothing more than a short length of rail with a piece of stiff wire (straightened out paperclip) soldered to the end of it, all held in place by staples. A loop at the track end engages the boss on the end of the points tiebar and the other end is bent and soldered to make a small handle.

point 2

~ ~ ~

Right, that’s enough On30 for today, back to that Gn15 loco.

doddings farm 002

The filler has set, and been filed to shape, but still needs some more work before it’ll be ready for painting.



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