The best-laid plans of mice and men…

…Often go awry.

Especially when they’re my plans.

I thought it would be nice to see my big diesels in service again on the FCPyF so I gave them a run this morning.

1 GE 1All went well with number 29. Perfect fit.

2 GE 2But then I sent the Peru Rail loco northbound along the line.

3 PR 1

Ah well, it’s market day on Thursdays so I left it at that while the kids and I went shopping and had lunch in town with my Mum.

When we got back home I removed the end backscene and did a bit of hedge trimming.

Still a close, very close, fit but at least it goes through now.

Maybe a footnote about why these two locos are larger that the rest of the FCPyF trains would not go amiss
Peru Rail diesel was not originally built for the FCPyF (in real life or in fiction). It was actually made by a friend of mine for use on Cheshire Railway Modellers’ Ferrocarril Internacional modules, and based very loosely (i.e. not very accurately) on a couple of photos rather than scale drawings.
The fictional story is that it was originally a standard gauge loco but was rebuilt as a 30 inch gauge machine for cross-border workings into Sierra Oculta via the Ferrocarril Internacional and the Ferrocarril Consolidado Pampa y Fernandez. The loco’s strange appearance is due to it having been reduced in loading gauge, as well as track gauge, so it has a narrower cab but the front and rear hoods retain their original width. Hence the side doors instead of the more usual access via the footplates to the front and rear of the cab.
That’s the Peru Rail loco’s back story. Number 29 was also made by the same friend. It is based on drawings of a General Electric metre gauge loco, which explains its larger loading gauge. In fiction it was fitted with 2ft 6in gauge trucks and transferred to the FCPyF after the line it was built for closed.
In theory the Peru Rail diesel is normally used on cross border services but it can occasionally be found standing in on an FCPyF internal working if the regular loco is not available. Number 29 is usually assigned to domestic passenger trains.



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