Jones River

I’ve started work on the terrain for the FCPyF’s new river crossing module. The polystyrene sheets were glued with PVA and pinned with coffee stirrers then rolled up newspaper was used to fill the steps between the contours.

Jones River 001This was then covered with newspaper. Not papier mâché but what American modellers might describe as glue shell, layers of cloth or paper applied with neat glue to form a slightly flexible surface as a base for further scenic treatment. When enough layers of paper had been added the bridge was dropped into place to make sure it still fits.

Jones River 002I intend to use a crust of fine sand for the ground cover so the glue shell was painted with neat PVA then sprinkled with sand to create a suitable texture for the top layer to key into.

Jones River 003This has now been set on one side to dry for a couple of days.



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