Delving into the past.

With the recently announced microlayout challenge on the Facebook N gauge group there is an ongoing discussion about the planned layouts. One member mentioned that he has found a way of getting three trains onto his design. Which reminded me, I’ve already got an N gauge micro that fits the bill there perfectly. Of course, with it being a pre-existing layout, it’s not going to be included in the challenge, and I want to build an American layout anyway, but I’ve dug it out to take a few photos. These may give some of the members a few ideas, or it may not. It all depends upon how much you can concentrate on what is happening on stage and ignore what is going on in the wings.

Anyway, I promised a few photos, so here we go.

1 Shove DuffAn Inter-City train from Kings Cross arrives at platform 1 with a DVT on the front while the Scotrail service to Edinburgh is ready to depart from platform 3 with a Shove-Duff providing the power and a DBSO on the other end.

2 HSTShortly afterwards an HST arrives on platform 2 working a cross country service from Bristol.

3 Tweedsmuir StreetWe only see this end of each train as it arrives or departs, but if we can imagine the rest of the world is on the other side of the bridge we can also assume that the rest of the train is there too! These main line trains, on an extremely small layout, are made possible because of these assumptions.

4 FiddleyardBut, as seen above, the front end of each train is actually all there is!



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