Resurrección – Day 4

Yesterday was dies non, waiting for glue to dry, so it doesn’t count.

I have been giving the new On30 module some thought while the glue dried. From a low angle the goods shed obscures the view of the station as can be seen in these photos.

shed or dock 001The mock up of a loading dock is not nearly as obstructive so I have decided that the shed will not be used.

The mock up has been replaced with a permanent loading dock made from, if you haven’t already guessed what was coming, coffee stirrers and rocket sticks.

dock 1Predictable, aren’t I?

One of my favourite features of Asilo was the level crossing over the frog of the turnout. This has been duplicated on Resurrección, but with a dirt road this time instead of the tarmac. Another feature, not nearly as obvious, was the point lever and signal lamp. These were salvaged when Asilo was dismantled and have been reused.

1 crossing and leverA little more noticeable this time as they are on the far side of the line so not hidden by the adjacent building. And finally for today’s report, the track has been cleaned, any remaining loose ballast has been vacuumed up and the trains are running again.

3a resurreccion#42 had the honour of being the first through.



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