Resurrección – Day 3

I’ve decided the station building seen in earlier posts is too big for the module so it has been replaced with the shelter that was salvaged when my Perejil module was dismantled. I’ve also found the missing building from Asilo and placed this on the module along with a couple of others salvaged from previous projects.

day3 001

The result gives more or less the impression I’m seeking, of a railway running through the outskirts of a town with buildings crowding the line on both sides. In the foreground are a lineside shanty used by the MoW crew, a toilet hut, a small goods shed made out of a grounded van body and, across the road, the cantina. On the far side of the line are a couple of non-railway buildings and the station shelter.

Basic ground cover has been added, this will take a day or so for the glue to dry so in the meantime I’ll see if I can find some suitable hardboard or thick card for a permanent backscene to replace the temporary one shown in the photo.



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