It works!

Well, alright, no need for the exclamation mark. If I can’t get a simple layout like Muttsdorf working after fifty odd years of playing with toy trains it’s time to give up.

Anyhow here’s the day’s timetable, it being a public holiday there’s no separate freight service so the railcar is handling tail traffic as required.

0640 – Arrival.

0700 – Departure.

0830 – Arrival, conveys tail traffic. Propel to loop, run round and shunt to goods shed.

0930 – Departure.

1150 – Arrival.

1210 – Departure.

1500 – Arrival, attach wagon from goods shed.

1600 – Departure, conveys tail traffic.

1840 – Arrival.

1900 – Departure.

As can be seen on this video.

Having had a play with it, back to the scenery. I’m making the most of the rather odd weather for a bank holiday by letting the grass grow.

Muttsdorf Video 004

Always a particularly wet process so the brilliant sunshine and a light breeze are perfect.



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