Cap Em, Sand Creek and other matters

I have just scrapped Cap Em, the two warehouses have been salvaged for use on a future HO scale layout and the station building has been transferred to Charlie’s layout. The trains were mainly shared with Foxbaile and Arundale so they still have a place in my collection.

Sand Creek has been offered for sale here on Playing Trains for a few months with no takers so I was going to scrap that too but withing minutes of posting on FaceBook it has been sold!

Lazy Days remains offered for sale at the moment.

Hazy Days

I can’t bring myself to break up the scene because I like it, and the trains that are used on the diorama, so much. No reasonable offer refused, but please bear in mind that 1:12 scale figures are about a fiver each when working out what the diorama is worth.

And finally…

This layout I’m not after getting rid of, Foxbaile was built in 2008 and has been exhibited as part of a microlayout collection a few times. However, as built it relied on power being fed from the outer end of the off-stage track, via a Peco loco lift to the fixed tracks on-stage. This has proved increasingly unreliable as the layout has got older so I have, at long last, got round to adding proper wiring to the layout today.

Foxbaile 002

The fixed tracks and the loco lift are now hard wired together and the layout operates a lot more reliably as a result of this.



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