A visit to San Serriffe

After this morning’s school run I dug out a couple of old controllers to see if they still worked, the intention being to use them on Charlie’s layout so that I could reclaim my Gaugemaster. Rather than disconnecting the Gaugemaster and testing the controllers on Charlie’s layout I decided to connect them to Cap Em so that if they didn’t work I wouldn’t need to rewire Charlie’s layout… Good thinking because neither of them did and they’ve both been consigned to the scrapbox.

Anyway, having got Cap Em on the kitchen table I decided to take a few fresh photos of the whimsical layout. These show the day’s timetabled trains and a couple of shunt moves.

6.05 am “parliamentary” to Gill Cameo.

0600 Parley to Gil Cameo

9.30 am stopping train to Villa Pica. Loco No.1 standing in for the regular engine, which had failed.

0930 stopper to Garamondo

10 am local shunt move to the warehouse, the wagon will be removed before the next passenger train is due.

1000 shunt

12 noon arrival, railcar from Gill Cameo, forms the 12.30 pm back to the island’s most southerly station.

1230 railcar

1330 arrl

1.30 pm arrival from Villa Pica (above). After running round and setting back into the station this train forms the 2.30 return working.

1430 to Gil Cameo

The open wagon was then taken from track 3 to the ferry sidings.

1500 shunt

5.15 arrival, the return “parley” from Gill Cameo.

1715 arr

Last train of the day, just after 6 pm loco No.1 wheezes in with the late running local from Villa Pica, due in at 3.45 but old No.1 has not been able to maintain the booked timings.

1800 arr

None of this is real, it all stems from an April Fool joke many years ago.



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